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Finding out if someone has a criminal background can be a complicated process...

Before we get into the details of how to run a background check on someone online, let's talk about the records and information sources that you'll actually be searching. (For starters, nobody can provide you with access to official criminal/police records.)

However, what is accessible online are things such as court records, sex offender records, civil records, property records, arrest warrants, prison & jail records and otherwise documents that make up the overall "public record". In other words, since many criminal charges would be processed by the court - and since court dockets, case summaries and in some cases trial transcripts are public information - finding a criminal track-record online is relatively simple.

So then - how can you search court records and other public records to run an accurate and comprehensive background check?

You have two options:

1. Do it Yourself for Free: You can use the SnoopStation Wizard and our public records directory to individually search each potential records source. In addition, you may need to contact some courts directly to obtain hard-copies of case records, as some courts do not publish records online. The same goes for some county jails & prisons.

Estimated total search time: 2 - 8 Hours, depending on the availability of records and the scope of your investigation.


2. Use an Information Broker: A legitimate public records provider will compile, build & maintain their own databases of public records so that you can simply enter a name, hit "search", and see any relevant records that match that query in a matter of seconds. Much like a "Google", but for public records.

The reason why there is a charge for access is because the database of records is actually manually compiled and updated, and in addition, some records are actually "bought" in bulk by the info broker on a page-view basis. Their membership fees or search charges are used to cover these costs (access to paid records & database maintenance).

Estimated total search time: 5 Minutes - 1 Hour, depending on how many cross-searches conducted.

A simple Google search for a term like "background check search" will pull up several offers from different data brokers. You need to be aware that very few services like this actually live up to their claim. Some, in fact, don't even offer as much search coverage as what the SnoopStation Wizard offers for free.


SnoopStation has chosen to act as an affiliate for the above recommended company due to the quality of its service, and simply because it lives up to their claims.

As a result of this affiliation, SnoopStation does receive compensation if a user becomes a member of CIS as a result of our referral.

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