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PeopleSmart Provides Easy Opt-Out

While many individuals are using the Internet to find other people from their past, the ability to search for people online has raised many privacy issues along the way. PeopleSmart understands the important need for privacy control on the Internet, which is why they offer one of the easiest opt-out processes in the industry today.

What is an Opt-Out?

Opt-out services allow an individual to remove contact or sensitive information from the legitimate listings at PeopleSmart. The service can be initiated online through the PeopleSmart website, ensuring privacy control can be completed right from the comfort of your own home. This service ensures that individuals who don't want their personal information shared for any reason can protect their information from those searching through the PeopleSmart website.

When PeopleSmart receives an opt-out request, the company manually processes the request to ensure it is legitimate and completed in a satisfactory fashion. Once the request has been approved, PeopleSmart does everything it its power to protect your privacy, including removing your contact and other personal information from online databases. This process is unique to PeopleSmart, since many people search companies make it much more difficult to opt out of their directories.

You can contact the customer support center for more information about the PeopleSmart opt-out policies by writing them at:

P.O. Box 391146
Omaha, NE 68139

Or you can visit the website directly to learn more about the PeopleSmart Opt-out.

The History of the PeopleSmart Opt-Out

When Brian and Matthew Monahan started the PeopleSmart company, their primary goal was to create a legitimate people search service that would be reputable and provide easy opt-out solutions to individuals concerned with privacy control. To achieve their goals, the Monahans studied other people search companies and the problems associated with them to ensure that PeopleSmart offered the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in the industry.

According to an article in the New York Times, the Monahan brothers, who also operate the website, wanted to bring a new approach to an industry plagued with privacy concerns. Matthew Monahan told the New York Times last fall, "What we think we are doing is actually providing more security, more privacy and much more comprehensiveness to the category."

The parent company of PeopleSmart, Inflection, was founded by the Monahans in 2006. After success with, the duo decided to introduce a comprehensive online directory with plenty of built-in privacy shields to protect users of the website. With one of the easiest opt-out processes in the industry, PeopleSmart promises to offer members access to one of the largest databases on the Internet with the fewest concerns about security and privacy.

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