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Massachusetts's Background check and investigation resources are organized on this page by category. You can jump directly to a category on this page by using the "jump links" below:

Court Records | Sex Offender Records | Prison & Inmate Records | Wanted Criminals | Marriage & Divorce Records | Vital Records | Bankruptcy Records | Corporate & Business Records | Professional Licenses | UCC/Lien Records | Property Records

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If you need to get Massachusetts background checks done, there is no need to worry. There is no need to personally visit the courthouse or contact several different people to find criminal history records and information. The job is much simpler than you may believe.

With internet resources available, performing Massachusetts background checks could not be any easier. About one third of all online searches have to do with finding information on people. Because of this, many services have emerged on the internet that make it easier to find public records and information on various people. While these services do cost money, it is rarely expensive.

There are some websites that focus only on Massachusetts that can be helpful in your search. The Massachusetts Department of Corrections Website and the Massachusetts sex offender registry are two websites that you may want to visit during your search for records.

Of course, you are not limited to just the Massachusetts resources, even if you want information from this state specifically. There are plenty of public records search websites that link to information from all states, and it is easy to find information from this and other areas of the country. There might be a fee but it's worth it.


MA Court Records

Massachusetts Statewide (Supreme Judicial & Appeals) - Search by docket number, involved party, attorney appearance, lower court & lower court judge.

Massachusetts Court Records - More Massachusetts Courts Information from


MA Sex Offender Records

Statewide Sex Offender Database - Search the Massachusetts Level 3 Sex Offender Registry by last name, county, city name and postal code.

Newburyport (City) - Provides list of offenders in HTML format.

Norwood (City) - Provides list of level III offenders in HTML format.


MA Public Records

Massachusetts State Public Records - Search Massachusetts public records offices and record retrieval instructions for free.


MA Prison & Inmate Records

Amherst (City) - Weekly and monthly arrest logs sorted by date. Includes suspect names and offenses.

Andover (City) - Arrest logs sorted by date in PDF format.

Arlington (City) - Police and arrest logs. Includes suspect names and details of crimes.

Brookline (City) - Weekly Police Log including arrests and unsolved cases.

East Longmeadow (City) - Police archives dating back to November 1999.

Revere (City) - Arrest log coming soon.

Waltham (City) - Police blotter and arrest log beginnings Dec 2007.

Historical Records:

No records available.


MA Wanted Criminals & Arrest Warrants

Arrest Warrants:

Newton - PDF list of all person with active warrants.

Waltham - Warrants organized by last name. Includes subject address and date of birth.

Most-Wanted Criminals:

Andover (PD) - Directory. Page includes fugitive pictures and info.

Barnstable (PD) - Directory. Includes pictures and details.

Beverly (PD) - Fugitive wanted posters in PFD format.

Boston (DEA) - Click on fugitive name for larger photo, details of crimes and more.

Brockton (PD) - Directory. Profiles in HTML format, include pictures, physical descriptions and other details.

Brookline (PD) - Click on fugitive name for wanted poster.

Cambridge (PD) - List of unsolved crimes and wanted fugitives.

Cohasset (PD) - List of most wanted and unsolved crimes. Include details of crimes and photos.

Massachusetts (U.S. Marshals) - Information on the District of Massachusetts U.S. Marshals Service.

East Bridgewater (PD) - Information on the East Bridgewater PD Most Wanted. Also includes other most wanted links.

Massachusetts (MassMostWanted) - Directory. Profiles in HTML format, include pictures, physical descriptions and other details.

Newton (PD) - Warrants listed by name in PDF format.

Uxbridge (PD) - Directory. Page includes fugitive pictures and info.

Weymouth (PD) - Directory. Profiles in HTML format, include pictures, physical descriptions and other details.



MA Marriage & Divorce Records

Marriage Records

No records available.

Divorce Records

No records available.


MA Vital Records


MA Bankruptcy Records

District Of Massachusetts

Local: 617-565-6025
Toll Free: 888-201-3572

Note: To access online records, you may be able to find bankruptcy cases or otherwise related civil cases in the court records section


MA Corporate & Business Records

Massachusetts Corporations Search - Search by name, ID number, filing number or individual.

Note: To investigate the legitimacy or track-record of a business, see the court records section on this page, or go to the Corporate Background Checks section of the nationwide public records directory.


MA Professional License Lookups

Massachusetts Professional License Database - Search numerous professional and occupancy license databases.


MA Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) & Lien Records

Massachusetts UCC Filings - Multiple search options and categories.


MA Property Records

Massachusetts State - List of online databases organized by town/city name.


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