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Important Disclaimer: The following article contains tips and suggestions for conducting an investigation. Laws vary from one region to the next, and what is legal in one state/country may not be in another. Therefore, this article should be considered for entertainment purposes only. Please see our complete disclaimer & EULA for more information.

There are many reasons you may need to know the truth about an individual’s financial situation. Amazingly many of these financial truths can be discovered via searching public records...

There are things you may discover that you never even thought of. You can test this by doing a brief search about yourself, and interestingly you may find things that you frankly don’t want people knowing. There is a lot of publically available information, and all you need to do is to know how to search.

Court records are publically available for snoops to access and dig out information regarding people’s financial situation. For instance you will be able to find information in which an individual has been sued by collection agencies or credit card companies, it would also contain the final verdict of the court.

Forty-three-hundred US public jurisdictions store records of interest to people attempting to locate assets. Most of these jurisdictions are counties. Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules.

There are Forth-three-hundred US public jurisdictions that sore records that re of interest to people who are looking to identify and locate assets. Amazingly each and every jurisdiction has its own laws are rules that govern it.

Now if you are searching for information about a person’s financial situation here is a list of places and records you should check for sure.

1.Real Estate Ownership records available at the Assessors Office in the Country Court House

2.Also be sure to search though Business licensing information available at the Country Court House.

3.Also go through Probate records, which tend to yield a lot of otherwise unknown information.

4.It is also necessary to look through Divorce proceeding records, to determine how much your subject is left with. These records should be available at the State Vital Statics.

5.You can also take a look at UCC filings at the Secretary of state’s office.

6.You can also take a look at the State DMV for your subject’s Motor vehicle info. It should give you an estimated value of the vehicle(s) he owns.

A bank account is an asset as well, because it is there that a person holds their money. Now if a debtor owes you money and keeps saying that he or she can’t pay you back because they don’t have the money, then knowing if and where they have a bank account can help you determine how much money they really have.

However banks don’t have any one central database from where all bank account records can be obtained in the country. Prior to 1999 locating bank account information was in the realm of the controversial especially in the asset search industry, however things cleared out after the signing of new banking regulations and it was no longer controversial to access anyone’s bank account info.

Prior to the signing professionals used a whole host to techniques to uncover bank account information, which included gaining access to a credit report as well as to form collecting networks. Subpoenas and pretext calls were also frequently used to get information. The new law has outdated the use of pretexts to gain banking information. Today it is increasingly difficult to get information about a bank’s customer. Banks that have a matching SSN or Federal Tax ID number or FEIN as it's called can also be frozen.

The average American tends to have more than one bank account, multiple insurance policies as well as safety deposit boxes and brokerage accounts. If you can get a hold of a subject’s tax return it can provide you with some solid information regarding his / her bank accounts, partnerships as well as investment and interest plus information on the dividends he receives. You can also get a lot of information with the help of a subpoena. On the other hand legally without a subpoena you may not learn anything officially. With the help of a subpoena you can ask for bank applications mortgages and other details.

Running a Background Check

Now a simple and basic background check can yield if the consumer bureaus knows of any aliases or multiple SSNs that are being used by the subject. You will also be able to identify relatives as well as if there were associated with any businesses.

People tend to hide their real estate and vehicles. This is because they would try to avoid paying especially when they face a lawsuit. They would tend to avoid showing their posh houses and fat bank accounts by transferring ownership as well as the title of the property to somebody else, usually someone they trust or even a close relative.

Hiding Real Estate Trusts

Hiding real estate in trusts are some of the most sophisticated means of hiding property. On the other hand it is interesting to note that a majority of real estate trusts are for legitimate reasons. Just as with cash individuals may misuse trusts to hide their real estate and hence conceal their true worth to the world. They would act as trustees for the trust in which they would place their property into. They may also place their property in to trusts where their children, spouses and friends are trustees. It may be to their advantage to hide their property in trusts without being trustees.

Hiding Real Estate Value in Corporations

Now even limited partnerships give people an opportunity to hide their real estate assets just as they would in real estate trusts.

An attorney may be the agent in list in line to receive service, and will have absolutely no connection with the owners or the corporation. You will be handed over the dates of the incorporation as well as the dates of the amendments, such as change of title.

Some states may also list the name of the registered agent. So any information that you are able to pull up from applications and associated records will be useful in your quest. You can also arrange a discussion with business partners and associates, which may turn out to be useful and shed some light on the bigger picture. You can also request an annual report or financial statement, which can be checked for discrepancies.

These are some of the most commonly-used tactics employed by private investigators and auditors to track down financial information and assets.


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