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Important Disclaimer: The following article contains tips and suggestions for conducting an investigation. Laws vary from one region to the next, and what is legal in one state/country may not be in another. Therefore, this article should be considered for entertainment purposes only. Please see our complete disclaimer & EULA for more information.

Americans move more often than most other citizens of any other country.. Recent statics show that around 25 percent of Americans move every year. Most Americans move in order to capitalize on new business as well as employment opportunities, or simple to change the way they live. Education as well as friends and family are also major factors why Americans tend to move more often.

Many of us who relocate for genuine reasons are fairly easy to find. On the other hand it may be difficult to find people who are moving away to avoid legal action, debt, criminal charges as well as to avoid paying child support, are near impossible to locate, since they tend not to leave a trial behind. It is also hard to track down spouses as well as children who have run away from home.

Now people who haven’t had any training in locating people face two daunting question A. From where do they start? And B. What methods should be used to track down the people they seek? There are numerous ways you can track down and locate people, each ranging from the ultra easy to the really difficult, as a rule of thumb begin the easiest and work yourself up to the hardest task.

Locating some people may be as simple as doing a Google search online. Google can be used to find phone numbers, addresses as well as background information, and even maps of the area you are interested in searching. Doing a Google search to locate someone has a really good success rate, just as long as the person you are trying to locate is deliberately covering his or her tracks.

Another effective method includes talking to people as well as looking for various clues that can help you give you some direction. There are chances that you might find someone that will know where the person went, and will even have an address for you. Other times you may have to work off various clues that people you speak to give off.

You can also use a free people search engine such as This will give you access to whatever is available in the public domain and is free to access. You may also find out a lot about yourself on this search engine too.

Copies of public records can also be requested that contain a current address as well as a phone number of the subject.

You may also come across information such as a surname and middle initial, that will help you narrow down the search.

The information you uncover from public records can also be used to do a database search of millions of records. This however may not be free, but it is fast and reliable, and the best way to get the latest public information.

Professional PIs usually use a combination of various techniques such as checking public records, doing database searches and interviewing people. At times just need to have some key private information to get a hold of a host of information about your subject, such as a Date of Birth or DOB as it is called, Social Security Number, middle initial, or even a cell phone number.

For people who are not intentionally hiding there are a whole host of things by which they can be traced by. People always leave a paper trail, because most people like to maintain the same type of lives they used to, for instance, they may work the same types of jobs, and live in a similar neighborhood where they used to. They also tend to say in contact with friends and family as well as old flames. Most of us move, sell property, have children and file for divorce, and while doing all that we may tell people about it too. This makes most people easy to trace.

However on the other hand it may be difficult to track down criminals, and other people who are trying to lay low. Most of them will make sure that they don’t leave a paper trail and keep away from friends and family. However there are certain traits that can be picked up on which doesn’t make these people totally untraceable.

The more people hide out the more skilled they become at hiding out, they will employ a whole host of techniques that will make it difficult for ‘skip tracers’ to track them down. They may use someone else’s address, especially when purchasing things, the telephone number they use may also be registered to someone else’s name. the subject or ‘skip’ as he or she is called will not have or carry a drivers license, library card, social security card, or voter’s registration card. They will also stay away from credit cards or any other from of identification that law-abiding citizens need in order to identify themselves.

There are three main sources from where you can yield information about an individual:

The first is people with whom the subject has been in contact with. Your advantage here is most people are more than willing to answer your questions if they are asked in a straightforward and friendly manner.

The second source is printed material such as newspaper reports, magazines, directories as well as financial records and utility bills etc. these records will help you pick up on a paper trail that the person is leaving.

The third is to do a "deep search" into public records - such as court records, property records and so on. You may want to consider hiring a professional researcher, as many have access to both digital as well as written information and records - these records should be searched in order to gather clues.

Many of the databases you use online will turn up hundreds and thousands of names. It can be a daunting task just reading through those names, so it would pay to know a little bit more than just a person’s name. If all else fails, you can hire a skip tracer, a professional who may have a better chance of tracking down the person you are in search of.


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